Adavo Property / Stress-Free Lettings



Adavo Property provide income generating properties in specifically selected locations close to target markets, such as universities, hospitals and government buildings. The full in-house service provided by Adavo Property has been formulated with the needs of landlords at the forefront. The Adavo Property management service covers every aspect of buying to let, from purchase through renovation, property management and upkeep and finally selling. The team at Adavo Property take all the stress of buying to let away from the landlord, including finding tenants and providing a free inventory (usually £100+) for each new tenant through the Active Management Package to ensure the Adavo Property is properly maintained at all times.

Adavo PropertyThe comprehensive in-house system operated by Adavo Property takes care of all potential worries and issues on behalf of the landlord. The transparent fee structure means that each customer is fully aware not only of the overall costs associated with buying a property to let, but also with each individual aspect of this. Knowing exactly what money is going where means Adavo Property customers are able to take advantage of a fully tailored service which meets all requirements and doesn’t contain any hidden costs. Adavo Property specialise in seeking out properties near target locations which are available to purchase below the current market value, which can then be renovated to leading market standards. This creates a portfolio of properties which are desirable to tenants as well as affordable to landlords, with an average net profit per annum of between 7% and 10%.

Adavo Property offer a complete armchair service to investors, where everything is taken care of by a member of the experienced, friendly and professional team. The typical ROI on an Adavo Property currently stands at around 15%, a figure which is largely due to the diligence of the team at sourcing properties which can be purchased at a low rate and then either rented out or sold on for a profit once renovations are complete. The high level service agreement at Adavo Property also includes agreed response times for email and returned phone calls, meaning that any issues which arise during the course of the service will be dealt with quickly and efficiently.